Cyprus Rocks Bolt Fund

The sports routes in Cyprus could not exist without the efforts and financial commitment of a small number of individuals (not associated with CyprusRocks) who have equipped the routes without outside assistance.
If you found this guide useful and/or would like to support the climbing in Cyprus, then please consider contributing to the bolt fund - all bolts purchased will be forwarded to active route setters.
This can be done via PayPal by logging into your account and sending funds to
Once processed, all donations will appear in the table below. If you would like to hide your identity then please add a note whilst making the payment.
DateContributorAmount (€)
02/04/2015RR, Berlin20
04/04/2016DP, Nottingham20
03/11/2016SDE, Denmark25
12/11/2017Keswick Mountaineering Club35
04/11/2018DP, (now London!)20
6/11/2018AP, Lisbon20
28/1/2019Gregor B., ?30
23/6/2019Matthes R. (DE) 20
13/11/2019Clownboy 20
02/03/2020TK MISiS (Moscow)20
31/04/2020Thomas S. (MMC)5
14/05/2020Antonis A.20
09/08/2020Thomas G.30
29/08/2020Paul G.20
05/11/2020Andy Norman.20
20/12/2020Vladimir P.100

Bolts purchased with contributions